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How Real (Catholic-Link) People Spend Valentine’s Day

Social media tends to give the false perception that Valentine’s Day is the day of the year in which every…

Love and Friendship

A Single Twenty-Something Shares Her Most Intimate Concerns About Dating, Relationships, and Chastity

A single twenty-something intimately and honestly shares with Catholic Link her personal thoughts on dating, chastity, and the single life.  We invite…


Dear Catholic Teen Guys, What We Really Want In A Relationship from A Catholic Teen Girl

Dear Every Catholic Teen Guy,                                                  Hello darling, I have noticed you noticing me. The awkward passings in the hall…


15 Excuses to Not Go To Confession (Answered!)

Benedict XVI said: “There is a close link between holiness and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The actual conversion of the…


14 Fun Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day When You’re Not in a Relationship

Valentine’s Day can be tough when you’re not in a relationship.  Everywhere you turn it’s hearts and chocolates and romance……