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Terror Attacks and Tragic Catastrophes: 8 Points on How To Respond to Extreme Fear

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to try and live out the commandment that appears so often in the…

Day of Prayer
Controversial Subjects

Donald Trump Calls for Memorial Day to Be a Day of Prayer for Permanent Peace After Meeting With Pope Francis

On Wednesday, May 24th, United States President Donald Trump proclaimed that Memorial Day (May 29th) will be a Day of…

quotes Francis
Faith & Life

25 Pope Francis Quotes to Live Out in 2017

2016 was a busy year for Pope Francis and he has hardly slowed down in the first month of the…


24 Bible Quotes for When You Need to Find Peace in Your Life

St. Paul writes Hebrews that ‘the word of God is alive and active’ (Hebrews 4:12) and this is still true…


8 Contributions Christians can Make to the World (According to Saint Francis of Assisi)

The main characteristic that distinguishes a Christian from a person of a different religious denomination is true love. This consists…

Catholic Faith

How to “Go in Peace, Glorifying the Lord by your Life”

Do you ever think about these words said to us by the priest at the end of Mass? Too often,…

Advent and Christmas

Advent begins at Catholic-Link! Join us on the adventure of Malik and his family in search of Peace

Have you heard the Good News? An angel announced to the Blessed Virgin that a child would be born. A…

Faith & Life

11 Tips to Regaining Peace After Having Sinned

A few days ago I finished reading “Inner peace” by Jacques Philippe.  It is a brief spiritual book written in…

St. Ambrose of Milan

Though The World Is Dangerous, St. Ambrose Says The Church Will Stand Firm

The Church of the Lord is built upon the rock of the apostles among so many dangers in the world;…

Thomas Keating

3 Simple Movements to “Let Go” when You are Upset

The Welcoming Prayer practice is a way of “letting” into the present moment in the ordinary routines of daily life….

St. Teresa of Avila

Let Nothing Disturb You

Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing make you afraid. All things are passing. God alone never changes. Patience gains all…

St. Padre Pio

“You say you are anxious about the future…”

“You say you are anxious about the future, but don’t you know that the Lord is with you always and…

“The fruit of silence is prayer…”

“The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love, the fruit…

Peace begins with…

“Peace begins with a smile.”

St. John of the Cross

Some beginners, too, make light of their faults…

“Some beginners, too, make light of their faults, and at other times indulge in immoderate grief when they commit them….

Jacques Philippe

“The First Goal of Spiritual Combat isn’t Perfection, rather Peace of Heart”

The first goal of spiritual combat, that toward which our efforts must above all else be directed, is not to…