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Catholic Faith

Confused by Purgatory? Fr. Mike Schmitz Explains All!

Purgatory is one doctrine that gets a lot of criticism from non-Catholic Christians, and confuses Catholics too. What’s the deal…


10 Saints Who Encourage Us to Reach for Heaven

If you are in need of reclaiming the spirit of joy, we suggest that you spend time in prayer thinking…


Without suffering no one wins the crown (St. Thomas Becket)

“Remember then how our fathers worked out their salvation; remember the sufferings through which the Church has grown, and the…

Faith & Life

These 4 Videos About Death Will Help You Understand that Life is Short

These four videos could be useful to start a dialogue about the brevity of life and its ultimate meaning. The…

Catholic Faith

You’re dead. Now what? A catechesis on the afterlife.

Outside da Box releases a video dealing with the afterlife. While it’s not a very popular subject– that is when…

St. Bernadette Shares How To Spend Your Time

I shall spend every moment loving. One who loves does not notice her trials; or perhaps more accurately, she is…

Who Goes to Heaven and Who Goes to Hell? St. Athenagora’s (177 A.D.)

For if we believed that we should live only the present life, then we might be suspected of sinning, through…

St. John of the Cross

“In the evening of life…”

“In the evening of life, we will be judged on love alone.”

St. Augustine of Hippo

“We are Christians, and strangers on earth….”

“We are Christians and strangers on earth. Let none of us be frightened; our native land is not in this…