We are entering the hustle and bustle of the Advent season, preparing our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Catholics are meditating on themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love in this season, but a moment’s glance at the world around us is a reminder of how tragically few people actually feel hopeful, peaceful, joyful and/or loved. How do we take the message of Jesus out from the confines of our Churches and into our homes, workplaces, and schools? How can we give a loved one or friend the supreme gift of knowing Christ this Christmas?

Catholic-Link has asked internationally known author and speaker Chris Stefanick to share his insights on How to Share the Joy of the Gospel and present his new book, “Joy to the World”. Chris will share a few of his best tips on evangelism, provide insight into his newest book, and spend time answering your questions.

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Catholic Evangelist Chris Stefanick, devoted husband of Natalie and father of their six children, has dedicated his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap, calls Chris, “one of the most engaging young defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today.”

Chris’s live seminars reach more than 85,000 people per year. His videos and radio spots reach more than 1,000,000 people every month. And his educational initiatives are turning the tide in the Church. He authored what is being touted as the best Confirmation program in the English language: Chosen, which is already used by almost 100,000 teens per week. Entire parishes are being transformed.

Real Life Catholic, Stefanick’s Denver-based non-profit, operates as the headquarters for his various initiatives. To learn more about Chris’s work and to find out about his most recent book, Joy to the World, please visit: www.RealLifeCatholic.com

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