If You’re Confused with What God Wants You to Do with Your Life, Be Encouraged by This Beautiful Testimony

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Last week Ascension Presents published this beautiful “Spotlight of a Calligrapher” video, which tells the story of Erica Tighe, a designer and calligrapher.

Erica’s story of how she came to be a full-time calligrapher is moving and poignant. She tells how she came back from a year and a half of living in Brazil, where she had looked after abandoned children. On her return, she expected God to “deliver [her] this really wonderful life.” Instead, what “greeted [her] coming back was darkness and depression.”

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This turn of events is often a familiar one in our lives. God seems to speak in abundance, in very obvious ways and then – suddenly – when we least expect it – He seems to go silent. The apparent loss of God can be very bewildering. It can feel like a betrayal.

Erica’s story continues as she explains how she made a career from her passion for art. Her experience is an important reminder that essentially, it doesn’t matter what we do in life, what matters is our motivations. I spent my early twenties longing to set the world on fire in dramatic ways. I couldn’t understand why God didn’t take up my offers! Instead, He set me on a path to develop something I had dismissed as unimportant for a long time- my writing. Erica’s work reminds us that it is  “God’s will for us just to love” and that applies not matter what job we do. 

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You can check out more of Erica Tighe’s work on her website, Be a Heart

If you are an artist in any way, shape or form, and often wonder if your work is enough as a ministry for God and the Church, check out what Pope John Paul II had to say in his Letter to Artists. “Beauty is the vocation bestowed on you by the Creator!” 

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