These Nuns Took a “Frozen” Song and Made It About Vocations: Do You Wanna Be a Sister?

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I can’t believe it took me two years to find this video! Happy Nun has turned “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” into “Do You Wanna Be a Sister?” and the result is a very inspirational song about how to discern the call to pursue a religious vocation.

If you have a daughter under the age of eight, the chances are pretty good that you are still listening to several songs from Frozen repeatedly. This version is a welcome change and one that I don’t mind memorizing along with my daughter.

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I encourage you to watch the video a few times. The first time I found it quite funny. It’s a cute parody and the puppets made me laugh. It’s also worth nothing that my 3-year-old was very confused as to why they weren’t singing the song right, so be prepared to do some explaining if you’re watching it with children. However, the second time through the video, I actually listened to the lyrics…and they’re GOOD! Not just good, insightful and helpful for anyone who is discerning the call to a religious vocation.

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