12 Questions All Catholics Should Know the Answer To (Quiz)

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There are some things so central to the Catholic faith that all Catholics should know them. Obviously, prayers such as the Our Father, Glory Be, and Hail Mary are essential, but what other vital information should a Catholic be able to share with others about the faith?

We’ve created a fun, simple quiz to help refresh your knowledge of a few of the most important things that Catholics should be aware of.  There are many more things that we could include.

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What would you add to our list of essentials? Share your ideas in the comments.

If you didn’t do quite as well as you hoped, there are many ways to grow in knowledge of your faith.  We have a few books listed below to help you.

Don’t forget, that the most important aspect of your spiritual life is having a relationship with Jesus. If you put that first, the wisdom will come with time!


A few book recommendations to help you learn more about the Catholic faith:

Tweeting With God


Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Catholic Handbook for Youth

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