Emma Stone and SNL Show Us How Mary Could Have Responded on Christmas

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On rare occasions, Saturday Night Live teaches us important lessons through the use of comedy. Earlier this month Emma Stone played the role of Mary in a Nativity scene. The skit shows Mary getting annoyed with the circumstances of Christ’s birth, concerned about her appearance, and exasperated at the thought of visitors arriving after she has just had a baby.

As someone who has been pregnant more than a couple of times, I can definitely relate to the feelings of the Saturday Night Live/Emma Stone version of Mary. In fact, I have often thought about how uncomfortable the journey to Bethlehem on a donkey while pregnant would have been and, as much as I hate to admit it, I would have surely broken down in tears after the first attempt at finding a room in an Inn failed.

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Pregnancy has a way of bringing out the most irrational, irritable, and emotional side of me. (I can’t be alone in this, right?!) But, Mary, the real Mary, was full of grace in all that she did. This funny SNL skit had a creative way of reminding me of all of the virtues that defined Our Lady by showing all of the ways in which she could have chosen to respond, but didn’t.

Mary, the Mother of God, wasn’t annoyed with the conditions in which the Savior was born or concerned about how she looked or exasperated at the fact that visitors arrived to greet the Newborn King. As the skit portrays, she might have had every right to be, but Mary didn’t make the situation about her needs and comfort. She was focused solely on the Son of God and rejoicing in His birth.

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Let us strive to be more like Mary this Christmas. If God asks difficult things of us, may we choose to respond in obedience to His will. When we’re tempted to let our circumstances dictate our attitude, let us remember that this day is about the Birth of Our Lord and not about our own comforts. If we get annoyed with relatives that overstay their welcome, may we find the grace to host them with the same servant’s heart that Mary did as she hosted the shepherds and the Wise Men. May God help us to focus more on preparing our hearts to receive Christ than on the lesser goods of preparing our homes, outfits, or gifts.

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When we choose to let Christ be the source of our joy, we will always find both happiness and holiness, just as Mary did. 

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