The Saints’ Secret to Attaining Holiness? Devotion to Mary!

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Though there may not be a perfect formula for obtaining the holiness required to become a Saint, there are a few common characteristics that many of the Saints seem to share.  As you study the lives of the Saints, it becomes very clear that most had a true devotion and love of the Mother of God.  

The Saints took the time to honor Mary and to build a relationship with her.  Many were blessed to have visions of her and received direct messages from her.  All seem to have modeled after Mary’s example of obedience, purity, and humility.   

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As we strive to become Saints ourselves, we look to the Queen of Saints for guidance.  Today we present a few quotes about Mary from the Saints for you to contemplate on during the remaining days of the Month of Mary. Be inspired by the great love these Saints have found in Mary.

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