Which Gospel Character Are You This Holy Week? (Quiz)

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“It would do us good to ask one question: Who am I? Who am I before my Lord? Where is my heart? Which of these people do I resemble most ?  Who am I before Jesus who is suffering?” These are a few of the questions that Pope Francis has asked us to reflect on this Holy Week. Holy Week has officially begun and for us as Christians this week is the most important of our year.  We must set aside more time to be with Christ this week in His pain and suffering.  It is difficult to listen to the story and imagine all that Jesus was going through and feeling as He faced His trial and crucifixion.   The joy of the Easter season can only be experienced if we spend time contemplating the agony of the Passion of Christ.  This quiz is designed to help you go deeper in your reflection this Holy Week.

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Now it is time to take our quiz to find a character you can journey with during this holy time for our Church.

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