3 Shows About the Life of Jesus to Watch this Lent

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It seems that Hollywood is starting to realize the power of the name of Jesus.  Well, maybe. At the very least, producers have certainly realized the entertainment value of the story of His Life, Death, and Resurrection.  In fact, each of the shows featured focuses on one aspect of the greatest story ever told.

Use viewer discretion when watching, but don’t let that stop you from seeing and supporting these films.  A good response, especially to those being shown in theaters, will let the film industry know that these are the types of wholesome films that movie-goers desire to see.

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3 Newly Released Shows About Jesus To Watch This Lent

It seems that Hollywood has decided that the story of Jesus is one worth telling this Lent.

The Young Messiah

This film will be released in theaters on March 11th. The Young Messiah (http://www.theyoungmessiah.com) imagines what the life of Jesus as a child may have been like. This movie tells the story of the journey from Egypt to Nazareth to Jerusalem from the eyes of Jesus at the age of 7.


The Passion will be a live two hour musical presented by Fox on Palm Sunday (March 20th). According to the description available on the website (http://www.fox.com/the-passion), the musical will tell the story of Jesus’ last days on earth set in modern times with modern music.


Risen was released on February 19th. This movie tells the story of a Roman soldier trying to figure out what happened to Jesus after the Crucifixion. Clavius sets out to prove that Jesus has not risen from the dead, but in the process finds himself on his own journey of faith.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to evangelize through these films.  Invite a friend or family member to watch with you.  Afterwards, discuss and critique the show.  If there are inaccuracies, point them out and use it as a starting places to lead your friend in the direction of truth.  Reflect on the character of Jesus and the part of His life portrayed in the film.  Don’t be afraid to share your own story and faith journey.

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We would love to hear your thoughts and critiques of these shows after you see them.  Please respond in the comments with your review!

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