“The Name of God Is Mercy” EXPLAINED in 6 Points.

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Even those who don’t know much about Pope Francis could likely tell you that he is passionate about revealing God’s mercy to all people. This has become more evident with the release of his first book since becoming Pope in 2013.  The Name of God is Mercy was released mid-January with hopes of helping people better understand the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy that began December 8th 2015 and will conclude November 20th 2016.

The book has been written in an easy to read interview style with Vatican reporter Andrea Tornielli. Pope Francis shares memories from his youth as well as stories from his earlier days as a priest that invite us to see why the message of God’s mercy is so close to his heart and crucial to his mission as Pope.

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“It is a place for urgent care, not a place to see a specialist. I hope that the Jubilee [The Holy Year of Mercy] will serve to reveal the Church’s deeply maternal and merciful side, a Church that goes forth toward those who are “wounded,” who are in need of an attentive ear, understanding, forgiveness, and love.” – Pope Francis in “The Name of God is Mercy”

We have prepared an infographic for you to preview some of our favorite parts of the book, but please don’t let this satisfy you.  We strongly encourage you to read Pope Francis’ book from cover to cover at least once! You can purchase the book by clicking here.

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