15 Reasons Dads Are Awesome

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Our culture places many pressures on fathers today. They must be strong, yet sensitive; hardworking, yet spend quality time with their families; have well behaved children, yet not be too authoritative.  The list could go on. Society expects men to be perfect fathers, yet most don’t know where to begin.  We know that there is only one perfect father, our Father in heaven.  We value our earthly dads not for their perfection, but for the love they show to us daily.  Pray for eyes to see the ways your dad has guided you. Not all dads will have the qualities we have listed and we don’t expect them to.  We love our dads for who they are in Christ.  Though today is designated to honor fathers, the Commandments tell us that we should honor our fathers at all times.  Take the time to show love, respect, and honor to your dad both today and everyday.  May God bless these men in our lives with increased faith, zeal for the Lord,  and strength to live out the vocation God has set before them.

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