(Quiz) Discover what Saint would like to be your friend!

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What’s the greatest part about being friends with the saints? It reminds us that the saints were normal people just like us. While we all have our unique story, everyone can find a saint that has walked a path similar our own. More than distant, unreachable models of perfection, they are men and women who came from all sorts of backgrounds, who had a wide variety of personalities, and who all had their own obstacles to overcome.

The fascinating part of friendship is that we aren’t striving to be the same, rather to help the other to be the best version of him or herself. As we listen to their advice and benefit from their testimonies of virtuous living, we needn’t try so much to imitate them (although this is good when it is possible), as we should try to be inspired by them. Perhaps they lived in age and culture very different than ours; it matters little! Focus on their relentless generosity, their courage in the Christian adventure, their love of Christ… Let their spirit inflame your own and then decide how you too can share that same flame in your own particular circumstances.

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So, if you don’t have one already (or if you would maybe like one more), we made this quiz to help you find your new Saint friend! We also invite you to check out our Catholic-Link Digital Library for free, high-quality images of saints that can be used for your apostolate.

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