The Life of Pope Francis in 4 Minutes! (Translated in 19 Languages)

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With this Catholic-Link production, “The Life of Pope Francis in 4 Minutes”. Our idea is to help Catholics and non-Catholics alike get to know the life and story of Pope Francis. While it is true that the Holy Father represents all Catholics, he is still only one man and therefore does this in a way which reflects who he is and where he comes from. Being from Argentina, it is natural that many people know little about him, especially in Europe, Africa, and Asia. That’s why we have decided to translate the video into 19 languages.

Such a project has required the generosity and collaboration of a large number of people. It has been exciting to see so many young Catholics who have wanted to offer this service for Pope Francis, and for the Church in general. For all of us, it has been a moment to recall and appreciate the marvel of a universal faith that is truly capable of speaking all languages and reaching all peoples. We are reminded of this in the words of Jesus which have been chosen as the theme for this year’s World Youth Day which will soon be held in Rio, Brazil: “Go and make disciples of all nations!” (cf. Mt 28:19)

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If you might be interested in supporting this series, you can make a donation by visiting our Support US page.  It doesn’t matter the amount, every little bit helps:   Thank you in advance for supporting this ministry!

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Spanish Version

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Italian Version


German Version

French Version

Korean Version

Arabic Version

Croatian- Upoznajte papu Franju (za 4 minute) [Martin Krizmanić]

Slovak- Poznať pápeža Francois (4 minúty) [Jakub Garcar]

Filipino- Kilalanin si Papa Francisco (sa loob ng 4 na minuto) [Champ Gerez]

Japanese-フランシス教皇を(4分)を満たす [Pietro Makoto]


Polish Version

Portuguese Version

Tamil Version

Urdu Version

Maltese Version

Chinese Version

Vietnamese Version


Arabic Version


Hungarian Version


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