Nowadays, it seems that time goes by faster and faster each day. We are always complaining about the lack of time. Nevertheless, we spend an astounding amount of time in front of our computer screens or our phones. Social networks, online shopping, and surfing the web are leading us to a more sedentary life, and ironically, we are losing contact with others at a faster rate.

Often, once we get home, we have no idea what our siblings, our parents or our family, in general, have been doing. Each member of the family is in his/her room, and we chat through a device, even though we are in the same house!

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We want to show you that there is time for everything! You can do so much more than looking at a screen and communicating through emoticons. We’ve created a list of simple things you can do in your free time. These things have nothing to do with a screen; they are simple things that will make your life more enjoyable, and help you grow closer to others. Take a chance and do one, or all, of the things on this list! Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know!

1. Get to know those people you see every day.


Do you know the name of your doorman, the newspaper guy, or the custodian at work? You see them every day. Have you ever wondered how their lives are or do you know how many kids they have? Get to know them! Appreciate their work and their presence. Your life without them would not be the same.

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2. Surprise your mom and bring her flowers just because


Mom is always taking care of you, worrying about you. She does this while you live with her and will continue to do so even though you’ve already formed a family of your own. Show her your love and gratitude not only on special occasions but always. Bring her flowers.

3. Offer your help to those that live with you


Often we don’t even know what our siblings are doing.  When you have a free moment, ask your brother (or sister) how he is doing, and if he needs help with anything. Maybe by just making his bed you could make his day.  Look for ways to serve others. Work on strengthening those bonds that grow weak due to lack of care and time. Don’t let your siblings become strangers!

4. Find a special place to pray. Talk with God


Find a special, quiet place that reminds you of God’s immensity.  A place where you can talk with Him at ease and without interruptions. Thank Him for your life, tell Him about your heart’s deepest desires, ask for help, listen to Him. Raise your eyes from the screen to the sky.

5. Grab some paper and a pen and write a letter


Leave emails typed on your computer behind and start to handwrite letters again. Write a letter to a friend that moved far away or to that person you haven’t seen in awhile.

6. Be a companion and console others. Visit someone that is alone or sick


There are so many people that are suffering and have no one to talk with throughout the day. Your presence might be a treasure to those people that are sick and that only want a little bit of company. Someone that helps them get a glass of water, that reads to them or simply tells them about current events going on in the world today, could be just what they need to feel better. Go out and take your company to someone that needs it.

7. Clean your closet. Take out what you no longer use and donate it


So many clothes are stored away in your closet. How long have they been there without use?! Not only do they take up storage space, but there could be people that are out in the cold and in need of them. Clean your closet and donate to those in need. Love, and at the same time organize your things.

8. Turn off your computer and open up a book


It seems like the only things we read are tweets and Facebook newsfeeds. Start reading a book that is going enrich you. You don’t like reading? Start with short articles, and you’ll soon start building up the habit. Fill your mind with more than likes.

9. Take out your planner and start organizing your day


Always running out of time? Start getting organized and you’ll see how everything changes. Most of the time, we feel that there are not enough hours in a day because we don’t remember all the commitments we have made. Make a schedule, write down your tasks, and separate your time accordingly. You’ll see how you can find time for everything, even for resting.

10. Cook a delicious meal for your family


Something as simple as cooking a meal for your loved ones is a lost art these days. You don’t need to go out of your house to share your life and be with the people you love. Most of the time you barely see each other because of work, school, etc., but everyone comes back home for dinner. Get organized and surprise them with some home cooking.

11. Find your friends. When was the last time you had a face to face conversation with your friends?


Find that friend you have not seen in a while and spend some quality time together. Call them up and plan to meet face to face. It is always better to spend time in person than through a screen.